impossibles-surfingBali is our backyard, we know exactly where and when to go.

Understanding the local conditions and finding the right waves requires years of experience.

The best surf needs all the elements to come together: swell (including swell size, direction and period), tide and wind direction. Whilst no one can guarantee surf, our guides have the knowledge to give you the best chance of success and have the most fun. On most days in Bali there are good waves to be found somewhere.

Half Day

Up to 4.5 hours (additional hours charged at $15/hour) Maximum. 5 persons +1 guide

1 person US$58
2 persons US$39 /person
3 persons US$29 /person
4 persons US$24 /person
5 persons US$20 /person

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Full Day

Up to 8.5 hours (additional hours charged at $15/hour) Maximum. 5 persons +1 guide

1 person US$78
2 persons US$49 /person
3 persons US$39 /person
4 persons US$31 /person
5 persons US$27 /person

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Surfboard Rental surf-board-white2

2 hours US$6
1 day US$15
3 day US$39
5 day US$60
Delivery US$8

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Custom Surf Tours

We offer half and full day tours and also tailor a tour to meet your needs.

Anything from 2 or more days in Bali to an extended tour to local surf areas in East Java, Lombok and/or Sumbawa. Feel free to discuss your surf tour…

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