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Surf Lesson Preparation

Surf Lesson Preparation

Like anything, the more prepared we are the easier and more comfortable things are to do.

Therefore we are providing you with a few tips to make your surf lesson as enjoyable as possible.

  • Ensure you have the right board shorts/bathers. The surfboard can give you a rash when you spend many hours on it. We provide long sleeve rash vests/surf shirts however you will need to think about your bottom half. Don’t wear anything too short. Board shorts (about knee length) are good, or you might like to wear lycra leggings.
  • Bring sunscreen and make sure you apply sunscreen to exposed parts of your body before the lesson. If your lesson will be finished by about 8.30am or does not start until 4.00pm or after, the sun will not be as big an issue but between 8.30 and 4.00 its important to apply some sun protection.
  • Hydrate: have a drink before you come and either bring some water or buy from a drink seller on the beach. Note: Our surf guides encourage people to minimise the use of plastic bottles and bring their own re-usable drink bottle.
  • Have a reasonable level of fitness. You will be using new muscles that probably don’t get too much use with whatever other activities you are into. You may get tired during our 2.5 lesson. If so, just take a break and re-start when you feel ready.
  • Bring a change of clothes. if your surf hotel is not too close to where we are doing the lesson, you might be more comfortable to change into something dry for your return journey


  • Surf Lesson Bali
  • Bring a sense of adventure and fun. We will make your lesson as easy, safe and fun as we can and wont put you into any situations you are not comfortable with. From you we need a “have a go” attitude – be ready to make mistakes and laugh – thats how we learn.
  • Please be ready and on time for your lesson booking as we may have other guests to pick up and/or our instructors may have another lesson after yours.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Stoked Surf Bali